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why purpose? 🌿

If you’ve ever reflected on ‘why’ you do what you do or had some doubts in your mind as to whether you’re on the right path in life, then you’re not alone – the disruptions of the past few years have caused more reflection than usual.

People are seeking congruence between their personal and working lives. Sometimes they become disengaged because they feel trapped in their jobs and they put on a happy face as they think about their next move … that could blindside their employer!

Likewise, companies and organisations are being asked to clarify their purpose and justify how and why they do business.

This includes differentiating purpose from mission and vision, crafting business purpose statements, bringing everyone along on the journey together and making it real for their people’s everyday work.

My role is to help you and your people discover and navigate purpose.

Whether you’re starting out or well advancedcontact me for for a confidential discussion about your situation and needs.

how I help 🌿

The areas I provide assistance in include helping you and your people with personal focus, direction and wellbeing, to be engaged and inspired at work and to attract and retain great talent.

At the corporate level, I’m an expert in aligning profits with people and the planet, reviewing purpose statements, creating purpose-led cultures, innovating with a purpose lens and facilitating buy-in for powerful change.

bio in brief 🌿

I was climbing the corporate ladder myself and things were going well until the question of ‘why’ kicked in …. which launched me into a world of pain and then … purpose.

I’m the founder of The Business Purpose Project, author of Connecting Profit with Purpose, co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and host of Talking Purpose in Business & Life.

services 🌿

Virtual and in-person delivery:

  • Keynotes, presentations and briefings
  • Event hosting, panels and interviews
  • Facilitating workshops and working sessions
  • Mentoring, coaching and consulting

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