Thriving with

Building resilience and navigating change is paramount in today’s world.

Phil draws on more than 15-years working in the purposecollaboration and facilitation fields to help leaders, teams and organisations thrive in challenging conditions to achieve high-performance outcomes.

It’s about developing the skills, strategies and solutions that are fit for our times and essential for the future.

As a speaker and facilitator, clients value his warm and engaging style, and ability to bring advanced concepts to life in practical and relatable ways. Popular topics include:

  • Increasing Resilience and Growing with Change
  • The Secrets of Strong and Collaborative Teams
  • Purpose-Driven Work Cultures
  • High-Impact Leadership

He also facilitates strategy sessions, offsite / planning days, panel discussions, team building, trouble-shooting, purpose explorations and stakeholder engagements.


Is it time for you to nourish or refresh your approach?


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