Using Purpose to Grow Your Bottom Line

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Studies show that ‘purpose’ is central to high performance, with switched on leaders asking:
▶︎ How do we develop our purpose-led approach?
▶︎ How do we put purpose into practice?
▶︎ How do we take this journey together?

And that’s where I come in, guiding you in:
▶︎ Making sense of purpose and its benefits
▶︎ Reviewing your current approach
▶︎ Getting the best out of your people and business partners
▶︎ Delighting customers and differentiating your brand
▶︎ Embedding purpose across your organisation

The purpose of my work is to help owners, executives and leaders develop profitable businesses that support the lives of people and the planet.

You’re welcome to download the Corporate Purpose Blueprint.

As a former research head overseeing $50 billion of investments, I became frustrated with poor corporate behaviours and symbolic acts of charity. In 2007, I left that ‘comfortable’ life to find a better way – one where taking on social and environmental challenges is part of core and profitable business, and where people and organisations work together more effectively.

Since then I’ve pioneered work in the ‘shared value’ and collaboration fields by guiding organisations, assisting projects and collating case studies, working with small-medium enterprises through to multi-national corporations and everything in between, including multi-sector approaches to ‘wicked’ social problems.

My speaking topics include:
▶︎ Winning in the New Economy
▶︎ Putting Purpose into Practice
▶︎ The Purposeful Leader is the Best Leader – Is that You?
▶︎ Demystifying Shared Value Strategies
▶︎ Leading Collaborative Change
▶︎ How to Contribute Something Great (Because Doing Good is Not Enough)!


You might be interested in my book entitled Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business, my Corporate Purpose Blueprint or report analysing and ranking the purpose statements of Australia’s top-50 companies, or follow my LinkedIn page:

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