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With pressures mounting on people and the planet, purpose-driven businesses are gaining the upper hand. But what does purpose actually mean in a business context, how does it drive performance and what’s at stake if you fall behind?

That’s where I come in, helping individuals, teams and organisations make sense of the trend and identify strategies and next steps. In the process, I draw on stories and case studies to make it real and to engage people in the journey.

From a consulting perspective, I provide guidance and services such as strategy input, stakeholder engagement, buy-in for change, purpose statement review, exploration sessions, specialised communications and more.

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I left a corporate career in 2007 to help people and organisations maximise the difference they make and have since worked with many clients on purpose-based challenges. I’ve authored the book, Connecting Profit with Purpose and founded The Business Purpose Project, which includes episodes of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and Talking Purpose in Business & Life.

Popular speaking topics include:
▶︎ How Purpose is Redefining Business
▶︎ Building Strong & Purpose Driven Teams
▶︎ TED Style: Can We Make Charity Obsolete?
▶︎ Finding Greater Purpose in Work & Life


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