Transforming Performance & Impact with Purpose

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I help executives and leaders navigate the shift to the purpose economy to transform the performance and impact of their organisations.

Purpose is how you inspire your people, delight your customers and let the world know what you stand for. However, it’s more than just words, everyone needs to be on the same page and know how to put it into practice.

And that’s where I come in, guiding you through that process so you get where you want to go, avoiding detours and wrong turns. My new venture, The Business Purpose Project, brings insights, experiences and stories to the surface so that leaders and managers are empowered to take action and create change.

I left a corporate career in 2007 where I was overseeing billions of dollars of investments to help organisations go beyond token and symbolic acts of charity to really making a difference – and purpose is central to that task.

Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and authored the book Connecting Profit with Purpose and created a TED-style talk provocatively titled Why Philanthropy is for Dinosaurs – introducing your people to the power of purpose in an uplifting and user friendly way.

An organisation lacking purpose is like a ship without a rudder – you’ll end up anywhere but the place you want to go. However, if you want to take control, step up and stand out, we need to talk without delay!

Popular speaking topics include:
▶︎ Building Strong & Purpose Driven Teams
▶︎ How Purpose Grows Your Bottom Line
▶︎ Why Philanthropy is for Dinosaurs
▶︎ Getting More Out of Work and Life


You might be interested in my book entitled Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business, an analysis of company purpose statements or keep up to date by following my LinkedIn page:

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