Author of Connecting Profit with Purpose

Collaborating is optional … unless you want to succeed.

Working with others gets results.

I provide guidance on what does and doesn’t work, to vastly improve the productivity, performance and impact of organisations, and the way we work together in society as a whole. In my experience, collaboration is the key to transformation.

Specific keynote topics, including online delivery:
▶︎ The 7 Ingredients for Working Collaboratively Online
▶︎ Taking the First Steps in a Crisis
▶︎ Collaborative Mindset Shift
▶︎ Collaborative Leadership
▶︎ Connecting Profit With Purpose
The Secrets of Cross-Sector Collaborations


My keynote and workshop topics provide the critical knowledge and actions your people need, relevant to:
▶︎ Teams, leaders & work cultures
▶︎ More productive and innovative partnerships
▶︎ Creating buy-in and trust with stakeholders
▶︎ Building social purpose into core and profitable business (shared value)

I’m the author of  the book Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business, and the free e-book How to Create Successful Teams & Avoid Management Failure!

After leading high performance teams in corporate roles, I followed my passion for helping people and organisations work better together.

Make contact with me to discuss your organisational challenges or event needs.