Speaker, facilitator & strategist

Working collaboratively unlocks our true potential and the socio-economic health of our society as a whole.

However it’s hard when collective goals are misunderstood or unclear, there’s competing interests and agendas at play, buy-in or trust is low, participants have the wrong mindset or the requisite skills are absent.

I provide independent support in areas such as:

From years of work across many industries and sectors, I’ve found the same foundations support successful collaborations – and my clients value practical guidance over theoretical constructs.

Services include speaking, facilitating and consulting, and popular presentation and workshop topics are:

  • Navigating Change Together
  • Dialling Up Your Leadership Game
  • Connecting Profit With Purpose

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My book, “Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business” is due out in May 2020 and you can download the contents, introduction and first chapter.

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