Author, Speaker, Facilitator & Strategist

If you care about people and the planet, you’re probably frustrated with poor corporate behaviours and political inaction. Do you accept the status quo or seek out more powerful ways of driving change?

The good news is there are strategies for individuals, businesses and other organisations for creating win-wins and making a difference at scale. It’s not enough to think about it, my role is to help you ‘do’.

As a former research head overseeing $50 billion of investments, I became frustrated with company behaviours and the problems they created. In 2007, I walked out on that 19-year career and comfortable life to find a better way, one where taking on social and environmental challenges is part of every day business, and where every person and organisation is empowered to contribute something great.

I provide speaking, facilitation and consulting services, with major keynote and workshop topics (suited to online delivery) including:

▶︎ Contribute Something Great
▶︎ Connecting Profit With Purpose
▶︎ Creating Shared Value
▶︎ The Mechanics of Change


My clients include blue chip names from the private, public and social sectors and I’ve worked on big stages, in boardrooms and more recently quite a lot online!

You might be interested in my book entitled Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business.

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