Speaker, facilitator
& strategist

Responding to powerful trends is hard when collaboration is weak or non-existent

Have you ever experienced low levels of cohesion, buy-in or trust within your organisation? Or with the customers, business partners and stakeholders you deal with?

Building collaboration capability not only reduces frustration, it provides an attractive return on investment.

After leading high performance teams in the investment industry, I set up my own business to help improve:

From hands-on experience with hundreds of clients spanning the public, private and social sectors I’ve found the same three foundations are needed and they’re supported by 7 key actions.

Services include speaking, facilitating and consulting, and popular presentation and workshop topics are:

  • Navigating Change Together
  • Dialling Up Your Leadership Game
  • Connecting Profit With Purpose

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For the “how-to” of connecting profit with purpose and (re)building trust in business you can check out my book synopsis (due in 2020).

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