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In addressing our global challenges you or your people may feel overwhelmed by their size and complexity, frustrated by political self-interests or simply unable to find the time to maximise your impact.

What if you could amplify the difference you make by 10x, 100x or even 1000x over without having to radically change your life or career?

A purpose-based approach creates change at scale and doesn’t come at the expense of personal values, business performance or career paths – it actually enhances them.

I left a corporate role overseeing billions of dollars of investments to help people and organisations make a difference on a much larger scale. Since then I’ve published Connecting Profit With Purpose, set up The Business Purpose Project and worked across most industries and sectors.

It’s about working smarter to take your influence and impact to a higher level. For guidance you can contact me on phil@philpreston.com.au or +61 408 259 633.

Popular speaking topics include:
▶︎ Building Strong & Purpose Driven Teams
▶︎ How Purpose Grows Your Bottom Line
▶︎ TED Style: Why Philanthropy is for Dinosaurs
▶︎ Finding Greater Purpose in Uncertain Times
▶︎ Getting More Out of Work and Life



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