Helping you chart the right course

In an environment where capitalism and business legitimacy is under fire, how do you build buy-in and trust, balance short and long-term priorities and grow the bottom line?

I help executives and leaders align profit with social purpose to create high-performing, sustainable and envied businesses.

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As a former research head overseeing $50 billion of investments, I realised that philanthropy and corporate social responsibility weren’t enough. I walked away from that comfortable life because I knew there was a better way to build a business, and found that the secret lies in linking profitability with genuine societal needs. It’s about going beyond token or random acts of charity to create change at scale, benefiting staff, shareholders and all business stakeholders.

I provide speaking, facilitation and consulting services, with major keynote and workshop topics (suited to online delivery) including:

▶︎ Connecting Profit With Purpose
▶︎ Creating Shared Value
▶︎ Using Your Super Powers for Good
▶︎ The Mechanics of Change


My clients include blue chip names from the private, public and social sectors and I’ve worked on big stages, in boardrooms and more recently quite a lot online!

I’m the author of  the book Connecting Profit with Purpose: How to Create a World Changing Business.

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