The Business
Purpose Project.

What is The Business Purpose Project?

The Business Purpose Project (TBPP) exists to accelerate the purpose economy. Successful businesses and healthy societies go hand-in-hand – it’s not one or the other – and we provide insights and experiences that empower leaders and managers to take action and create change.

Please visit the website and check out our amazing resources, and make contact with Phil if you are interested in partnering or there is something you can add.

How does it work?

The Business Purpose Project is a platform for identifying, collating and telling stories about real life examples of putting purpose into practice. We unpack great work across all sectors as well as the individuals within those organisations that make it happen. Our focus is on core business strategies rather than peripheral giving, volunteering and responsible business activities.

Essentially we create content and curate conversations on this topic. Two of our flagship forums are Corporate Conversations on Purpose and Talking Purpose in Business & Life.

What next?

Visit the website to find an overview and more information about how TBPP can help you.


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