Announcing the Business Purpose Trends Podcast

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Phil Preston is please to announced the launch of The Business Purpose Trends Podcast, with 5-10 minute weekly episodes out now!

The trends elevating purpose in business are powerful and unrelenting. We have an exploding global population, increasing materials and energy consumption per capita, too many plastics, runaway climate effects, economic exclusion, mental wellbeing problems and so much more.

Companies will only survive and prosper when they solve our genuine needs, and purpose provides the ideal foundation. However, embedding purpose in an organisation is challenging for most directors, executives and leaders, and that’s why I’ve created this new podcast.

The first 3 episodes are available now:

  1. Why Chief Sustainability Officers Rule
  2. Untangling Business Purpose from Purposeful Products
  3. CEOs & Talent Trends

It matters because, with climate change alone, the more extreme weather events we see around us in the world today – bushfires, storms, heatwaves and floods – are consistent with scientific modelling and it’s easy to see how billions of people will be adversely impacted.

When I left my corporate role in 2007, I thought climate change was an issue that would play out beyond 2050; that it would impact my grandkids (if any arrive) more than me or my own children. And while we were concerned back then, it felt like we were planning for what’s ahead in the distant, hazy future. Instead, the impacts are hitting hard today.

The private sector accounts for 75-80% of economic activity in most developed countries and, while company behaviours have helped lead us into this planetary mess, it is only really the private sector that can get us out of it because of its size, scale and innovation potential. Any business that is living off society instead of contributing to it will be short lived and its owners are free to take that risk, but it’s not a risk I’d be willing to take.

That’s why I’m so passionate about purpose in business: it’s about hard-wiring resilience, sustainable growth and positive impact.

I hope you are as passionate as me and that, together, we get this thing done!

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Phil Preston helps executives and leaders gain insights into the trends and strategies shaping the future of business success. He is a speaker, facilitator and adviser who can be contacted via

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