Announcing the launch of The Purpose Edge podcast

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I’m excited to announce the official launch of The Purpose Edge podcast!

Weekly episodes delve into the career and life stories of inspiring guests – including what’s meaningful and how they make an impact in the world. Near the end I provide some key takeaways.

Check out the show and first 3 episodes here:


Episode 1 – How to Make More Impact!

Claire O’Rourke shares a defining moment that led her to uncovering the traits of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for our climate >> Listen now.


Episode 2 – Work Out What’s Important

Jaqui Lane had a thriving publishing business until the global financial crisis hit, and that forced her to confront and clarify what’s important in life. >> Listen now.


Episode 3 – When Earthquakes Disrupt Your Life

Michael Kennedy was at a work conference when the ground started shaking, which led to new discoveries and passions in his life. >> Listen now.


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I’d love to get your feedback and please share with anyone who you think would get value from it.

Do you have an awesome guest suggestion? You can let me know by replying to this email or using the podcast contact form.
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