CONNECTING PROFIT WITH PURPOSE: How to Create a World-Changing Business

Philanthropic gifts and corporate social responsibility programmes are admirable, but they fall short of driving the change at scale that we desperately need today.

What if you could play a role in turning this around? You can, and you can start right now. It’s about applying a simple set of principles to connect profitable business with social purpose.

This is an easy to read book with a practical roadmap for (re)building trust and creating high-performing, sustainable businesses.

The structure:

  • Introduction
  • Section I: Overcoming competing interests
  • Section II: Creating shared value
  • Section III: Finding your opportunities
  • Section IV: Your action plan

“Commitment to a social purpose is becoming a competitive advantage, and corporate leaders who want to master this approach need to read this book”

Mark R. Kramer, Co-founder & Managing Director of FSG and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

“An important read, which addresses the most critical corporate endeavour of our time: How business can accelerate social progress, profitably. Using a shared value lens, Preston heroes storytelling to provide a pathway for sustainability which is accessible yet disruptive”

Helen Steel, CEO, The Shared Value Initiative

“The timing of receiving this book is quite unbelievable… I’ll be sitting down with the leadership team to reflect on our purpose and mission. [Our] purpose and profitability link needs to be refined. Many discussions in recent weeks have been about not getting distracted doing unprofitable and non-core projects because … In my mind I’ve been reflecting on the ‘shared value’ concept as a way to navigate this, but hadn’t yet begun to do actual research on this.

CEO, top 100 company

“We are on a journey to be a social purpose company and your book was recommended to us. We think its great! And I’d like to purchase a bunch of copies to share with our team, executives, and other stakeholders.”

– Community Partnerships & Investment Manager, Canadian Credit Union

I’m really enjoying reading your book ! Loads of aha moments!

– Senior Policy Advisor, NSW Government



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