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Here’s what people are saying about Connecting Profit with Purpose.

For board directors through to executives, leaders and those starting out:

The role of business in society is radically changing. Commitment to a social purpose is becoming a competitive advantage, and corporate leaders who want to master this approach need to read this book. Preston sets out a clear, actionable and persuasive approach to creating shared value, filled with examples of companies of all sizes and from all parts of the world, that have created meaningful social change in ways that have also created success for their companies and themselves. Whether you are a senior executive or just starting out in business, you will benefit from Preston’s guidance and experience. – Mark R. Kramer, Co-Founder & Managing Director of FSG and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School


A better alternative

I really identify with the idea that when you are younger you feel you have to either retire to do good or work for a not for profit. Whereas the better alternative is shared value.CEO, Australian Bank


Linking our purpose to profitability

The timing of receiving this book is quite unbelievable…  I’ll be sitting down with the leadership team to reflect on our purpose and mission. [Our] purpose and profitability link needs to be refined. Many discussions in recent weeks have been about not getting distracted doing unprofitable and non-core projects because … In my mind I’ve been reflecting on the ‘shared value’ concept as a way to navigate this, but hadn’t yet begun to do actual research on this. – CEO, top 100 company


Helping us on our journey

We are on a journey to be a social purpose company and your book was recommended to us. We think its great! And I’d like to purchase a bunch of copies to share with our team, executives, and other stakeholders. – Community Partnerships & Investment Manager, Canadian Credit Union


Aha moments!

I’m really enjoying reading your book ! Loads of aha moments! – Senior Policy Advisor, NSW Government


Reimagining greater impact

As a director of a not-for-profit with a very definite “profit for purpose” focus, your book has challenged me to reimagine the greater impact we can have by joining with our supply chain partners and stakeholders to effect a bigger and more sustainable impact beyond our annual generous but often one off donations. – Mark Napper, Director


Easy to follow

To be honest I thought a lot would go over my head, but not so. Easy to follow, engaging, and plenty of real world examples. – Sales Manager, Global Medical Products Company


Practical application

What I like about it is that there’s a lot of practical application I can relate to – I’ve read a lot of motherhood stuff in the sustainability area, so this is really important. 
- Graz van Egmond, CEO Banksia Foundation


Aligning corporate purpose with prosperity

We have all met the zealots who wish to do good because it is good but can’t align that wish with corporate purpose of creating wealth and prosperity. They mean well but don’t usually change the world. If you aspire to do good and make money, then this book will fuel your enthusiasm and show you how to use it. If you only aspire to one of those outcomes, this book will challenge your ideas about your own, and your organisations’, purpose. – Julie Garland-McLellan, Boardroom Expert 


A pathway for sustainability

An important read, which addresses the most critical corporate endeavour of our time: How business can accelerate social progress, profitably. Using a shared value lens, Preston heroes storytelling to provide a pathway for sustainability which is accessible yet disruptive. Helen Steel, CEO, Shared Value Project


Case studies

It is chock full of case studies, practical advice and road maps for owners, boards, CEOs, employees and community leaders. – High Performance Recruitment Coach


Effective stories
I just received your book Connecting Profit with Purpose and I had to write to congratulate you on this amazing achievement. You did a terrific job and I really appreciate your writing and the way you effectively used stories to bring your points to life.  It’s an engaging read and it will be an indispensable resource for business. Thanks for writing it and all the very best with your important work. – Partnerships expert


Learn from the wisdom

Every CEO every Board member, every sporting club secretary every business student, every one who wants to build the strongest base possible regardless of size or style of business needs to not just read this book, they need to learn from the wisdoms contained within its pages.Not-for-profit sector CEO

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