Creating Your Purpose List

Current events are causing people to reflect on the level of meaning and purpose in their lives and, if it’s lacking, they may be at risk of joining the Great Resignation! What if there was a simple process to help them gain a greater sense of purpose without quitting their day job?

In this highly motivating keynote, audience members learn:

  • The many forms purpose can take
  • Case studies of effective purpose strategies
  • A 3-step process for creating their Purpose List
  • Where to focus on Day 1!

This is a fantastic way of investing in your people to help them gain direction and focus for a fulfilling life journey. More detail in this one-page PDF and workshop outline here.

Setting & Communicating Business Purpose

The trend to purpose is significant with employees looking for greater fulfilment, shifting customer preferences  and greater investor requirements. However, there’s a gap between saying you have a purpose and actually doing it, so how do you ensure it is authentic, robust and embraced by your workforce?

In this keynote audiences learn:

  • The 5 essential features of purpose statements
  • Examples of great company purpose statements
  • How purpose drives performance and innovation
  • 7 Story types for communicating purpose
  • Where to focus next?

This keynote provides executives, leaders and managers with the confidence they need to engage employees in the business purpose journey. More detail in this one-page PDF.

Business Purpose Trends

The trend to purpose in business has materialised quickly, catching even seasoned operators off guard. What we thought of as purpose in business in the past is very different to what it is today.

What is really driving the trend? What we thought of as purpose in business in the past is very different to what it is today. What does it mean for your people, your customers and the future of your organisation as a whole?

As a leading expert in this field – and the author of Connecting Profit with Purpose – Phil helps you make sense of the trend, with audiences learning:

  • How purpose powers performance
  • Why responsible business is yesterday’s news
  • Inspiring stories of world-changing companies
  • A checklist for getting on top of the trend

This presentation provides the context for business success in the years ahead – defining what’s important and where you and your people need to focus. More detail in this one-page PDF.