Phil’s a virtual, hybrid and in-person speaker, covering keynotes, concurrent and break out sessions, executive briefings, panel facilitation, event hosting and more. On a recent 5-city client roadshow, his keynote session received an average rating of 4.5 / 5.

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His topics are listed below, or they can be viewed in his speaker outline (4-page pdf)


Unlocking Collaborative Success

Your people are under more pressure to collaborate across boundaries, but research shows employees are better at working within silos than across them.

How can leaders address this imbalance and realise the full potential of their strategies, projects and teams?

With the right insights and methods they can bridge the gap, and in this session audiences discover:

  • Features of a collaborative leader’s mindset.
  • A project / team trouble-shooting tool.
  • A framework and tips for collaborative success.
  • The ONE question that should always be asked!

This presentation equips your people with knowledge and skills to unlock greater performance across the board, and it also forms the basis for a workshop option.

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Increasing Resilience and Growing with Change

Global challenges are reshaping organisational agendas and the pressures are being felt at all levels. It requires resilience to deal with change and new skills for forming effective responses.

What if there was a way of building both at the same time?

In this session, audiences discover:

  • How to cut through complexity and uncertainty.
  • The links between purpose and high-performance.
  • 3 key ingredients for resilience and growth.

This gives your people the reassurance and motivation they need to absorb current pressures and move forward with confidence.

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Engagement and Retention with Purpose

When purpose is embedded in work cultures, employee engagement and retention rates are six times (6x) higher than when it is not.

The problem is, many companies come up with great purpose statements but fail to put it into action and make it real to their people’s everyday work.

In this engaging session, audiences discover:

  • The 3 dimensions of purpose.
  • Leading company case studies and talent strategies.
  • Practical tips for boosting engagement and retention.

This is suited to executives, leaders and managers and is the ideal launchpad for developing deeper and more effective people-based strategies.

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High Impact Leadership

Your leaders are under pressure to respond to complex challenges in ever-narrowing timeframes.

How can they gain the grounding they need to grow into these challenges and fulfil their potential?

In this presentation – that is also the basis for a program – your leaders will discover:

  • The drivers of performance and impact.
  • How the role of leader is changing.
  • The four (4) key elements of mindset, purpose, transformation and execution.
  • How to bring others along on the journey.

This is suited to leaders who see change as opportunity, and thrive in positive, collaborative environments.

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Purpose Exploration Workshops

Leading companies are helping their people better understand the role of purpose in their work, career and lives. It helps position employers as a supportive partner rather than a transactional entity in the relationship they have with their employees.

In this empowering and interactive half or full day workshop, participants will:

  • Identify what’s important and review priorities.
  • Explore connections between work and purpose.
  • Create a personal action plan.

This workshop provides a positive focal point as well as a unique bonding opportunity.

It is an effective way of investing in your people to help them bring their best to work every day.

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Planning & Strategy Offsite Days

Offsite days are a huge investment in time and money, therefore it’s wise to get the most out of them.

An experienced host and facilitator who is a safe pair of hands makes the world of difference, ensuring that:

  • Energy is injected in the right way at the right times.
  • Presenters and guests do well on stage.
  • There’s coherence in the agenda and transitions.
  • Your event objectives are defined and met.
  • Disruptions and ‘tangents’ are handled professionally.

Overall, it means everyone can focus on bringing their best to the day and have a great time!

Phil’s helped design, facilitate and / or speak at forums such as the TEDxSydney VIP lunch through to divisional offsites, boardroom strategy sessions and planning days.

He knows how to carry the conversation and ensure your presenters, panel members and guests shine.

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Team Building Sessions

With high levels of burn out and stress in workers, an expertly designed and facilitated team session can make all the difference by:

  • Providing a ‘time out’ that is enjoyable and fun!
  • Experiencing their team dynamic in a low pressure and friendly environment.
  • Forming deeper and genuine connections that boost collaboration and work culture.

A byproduct of these sessions is that participants unearth perspectives on what is working well and where they can improve.

Sessions can range from one hour to a full day, conducted in-person at the venue of your choice or online, and priced according to location and delivery mode.

If you value your people, a team building session is a real win-win because participants will love the experience!

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Additional Topics

Through his experience and partnerships, Phil brings expertise to innovation processes, stakeholder engagement, event and panel hosting, critical thinking frameworks, enabling team-based critical thinking, organisational resilience and crisis simulations.



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