How do you go about taking your growth or impact to the next level?

Aligning profit growth with social, environmental and economic outcomes will determine business success in the near future. It requires new types of strategies and levels of engagement across the ecosystems that they operate within.

What frameworks can you use to develop your ideas and options? And what are the practical steps to take in this process?

Profit and purpose have historically gone head-to-head but they can go hand-in-hand. Leading companies are using shared value principles to improve competitiveness by:

  • (Re)building trust in their brand in a genuine and meaningful way
  • Growing profits in lock-step with positive societal outcomes
  • Creating exciting new customer value propositions
  • Developing new products and disrupting markets
  • Improving supply chain efficiencies; and
  • Energising their workforce for productivity gains.

I’ve helped many clients in the public, private and social sectors with awareness, education, strategy development, consultation and facilitation, including complex multi-sector projects.

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As a shared value expert, case study collector and (pending) author of Connecting Profit With Purpose, it’s the “how-to” part that is most valued and I’m uniquely placed to deliver.

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