How do you strengthen or develop new and innovative partnerships?

When change is fast-paced, most organisations find that deeper partnerships are crucial to responding in a timely way. For many, it involves dealing with new partners and finding “who has what I need and who needs what I have“!

Beyond the technical challenge, to explore and develop ideas together you’ll need to address many human factors, including:

  • Clarifying the common goal
  • Overcoming competing interests and motivations
  • Dealing with differing cultures and ‘languages’
  • Building trust and strength; and
  • Finding the common speed everyone can work at.

The fundamentals are the same as those for projects and teams – it’s just that you’re dealing with external parties instead of internal ones.

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I’ve helped many clients in the public, private and social sectors develop strategic and innovative partnerships, including complex multi-sector projects, by way of presentations, facilitation and consultation services.

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