Cracking the Collaborative
Team Code

A strategy or project idea is worthless unless it can be implemented, therefore the ability of your people and teams to work collaboratively is the foundation for success.

However, it’s really hard figuring out the practical steps that people can take to realise this aspiration.

That’s where Phil comes in. Through his keynote topic, Cracking the Collaborative Team Code, he provides the know-how for your people step out of their collaboration comfort zone and achieve great things together. It’s surefire way of building dynamic, energised and super-effective teams.

In this keynote, audiences learn:

✅ Why collaboration is critical for team and organisational success
✅ Common challenges to overcome in (re)building teams
✅ The key features of dynamic, energised and effective teams
✅ How to balance technical and human factors (including difficult people!)
✅ A values and behaviours checklist
✅ How to identify their key development areas

With Phil’s guidance, you will lift the productivity, performance and ability for your teams to ‘wow’ your customers!

  • "Thanks Phil for leading us through partnerships and collaborations that push the boundaries and unlock value for businesses and organisations. Excellent presentation!"

    Dianne Manns Executive Management Council of Australia
  • "Thank you so much for the session today. Great feedback from everyone!"

    Marcelle McGrath Head of People & Advancement, Claim Central Holdings
  • "I received a lot of positive feedback about the workshop and your facilitation. People seem to be really keen to start implementing their new knowledge."

    Lauren Greene IAG
  • Your presentation was creative, engaging and set the scene for the rest of the day.

    Karin Stark NSW Local Land Services
  • "Phil pitched his presentation just right for our audience, and in a very thought provoking and entertaining way"

    Mark Roberts FICPI Australia
  • "Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker … We received excellent feedback from delegates regarding your keynote and the whole-of-room workshop session"

    Melissa Blake Youth Family & Community Connections
  • "Phil’s engaging style, thought leadership and practical case studies added huge value to each delegate and the overarching program. Great stuff!"

    Samantha Blake Australian Food & Grocery Council
  • "Phil helped our delegates reframe their internal conversations and step up their game to have greater, practical impact on the big trust issues their organisations and industries are facing"

    Naomi Burley Governance, Risk & Compliance Institute