Facilitator, Advisor & Consultant

Support for events, projects, strategies and operational challenges

For assistance with major challenges requiring hands-on work or engagement over an extended period of time, you may need Phil’s facilitation, advisor or consulting services.

Examples of bespoke assignments he’s worked on include:

  • Subject matter expertise and facilitation of board strategy sessions
  • Meeting chair for APCO’s Collective Action Group – the stakeholder engagement mechanism for the 2025 national packaging recycling goals
  • Purpose statement review, formulation and opportunity areas
  • Strategic partnering explorations to increase impact and reduce funding risk
  • Corporate foundation strategy and partnership review
  • Communication of business benefits and social impacts
  • Aligning business units for product development and performance outcomes
  • Improving employment outcomes for disadvantaged workers in Wagga Wagga (NSW)
  • Aligning major stakeholders in the Bourke Aboriginal Economic Prosperity Strategy (NSW)
  • Designing and delivering bespoke workshops and master classes
  • Local government strategies combining economic and community development
  • Social enterprise collaboration and partnership development
  • Enterprise coaching for accelerating development
  • Organisational culture alignment from the board through to the frontline
  • Sector-specific collaboration and partnership guidance
  • Panel discussions and event hosting

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