Phil’s Master Class Topics

To do a deeper dive as an online, hybrid or offline workshop or tailored working session, Phil offers master classes in his main keynote topics and in the following areas:

Creating Great Purpose Statements

  • Crafting and reviewing high quality purpose statements
  • The 7 mistakes that are often made
  • Essential tips to keep you on track

Shared Value Strategies for an Awesome Edge!

  • Introductory and advanced options
  • What shared value is and isn’t
  • Case studies and examples
  • Context for your organisation and industry
  • Identifying and iterating opportunities
  • Development tips and tools

How to Lead Effective Collaborative Change

  • The structure of successful collaboration
  • Case studies of groups, teams and projects
  • The 3 foundations for effective collaboration
  • Collaboration mapping tools
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation skills
  • Narratives for influencing change

Influential Narratives for Change

  • Why this is becoming a critical skill
  • Elements of the narrative process
  • A proven process for getting the buy-in you need

How Nonprofits can Create Deeper Corporate Partnerships

  • Why companies are becoming fussier in their partnering choices
  • A process for identifying new opportunities
  • Structuring your internal efforts for maximise success

Engaging the Private Sector in Solving Wicked Social Problems

  • Why all sectors need to be able to work together
  • What problems often get in the way
  • Increasing engagement and decreasing risk
  • Creating powerful collective impact initiatives

For specific audiences and in-house events Phil tailors the content for maximum relevance and value-add. Please make contact for more information about your area of interest.