Why Philanthropy is for Dinosaurs

A provocative solution to our greatest challenges

[perfect as a TED-style talk]

The pandemic has reminded us how closely the fortunes of business and society are linked, and how we can collaborate and work across boundaries when it matters. However we’re still struggling to make headway on the defining issues of our time such as climate change, inequality, homelessness and many more.

Many of the solutions that come forward are so idealistic they won’t happen in our lifetime, so we must assess:

  • Is it possible for philanthropy to make a difference?
  • What else has been tried so far?
  • Should we just give-up or is there another way?

In this session, Phil weaves together a powerful narrative using a range of personal and business stories. He challenges your people with new perspectives, reinforcing the themes of:

  • Our challenges are also our greatest opportunities
  • Seek out smart ways of leveraging resources
  • Solutions may be closer than we think
  • Recognising what is done well and replicating it

This is ideal for shaking up established norms and ways of working, and is guaranteed to provide a major “aha” moment for many in the audience.

This can be delivered in-person, online or in hybrid form and works really well as a 16-20 minute TED-style talk that is followed by an interview, Q&A or further discussion