Partnerships for Profit & Purpose Webinar Series (Free)

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There is often an air of mystery about the processes that lead to highly effective, strategic partnerships spanning the business and not-for-profit sectors. We want to help break down those barriers so that everyone comes out ahead.

Accordingly, we extend the invitation for you to join us for this webinar series – answering questions that commonly arise when partnerships for profit and purpose are being developed or explored.

It’s a great free learning opportunity that will help you, your colleagues and partners unpack key concepts and increase clarity.

What’s the Difference between Philanthropy, CSR and Shared Value?

3rd October 2019, 12.30pm AEST

With greater focus on inclusive business and the link between profit and purpose, there are several approaches companies can use, including philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and shared value.

What are they and when do you use each one? What’s the benefit for companies, not-for-profits and charities? How do they create deeper partnerships?

This webinar will help you differentiate the approaches and provide practical guidance in knowing when to use each one.

7 Hot Tips for Partnership Success

17th October, 12.30pm, AEDT

Creating partnerships between companies and not-for-profits may look easy on paper but the reality is that it requires new types of collaborative conversations.

How can you create the right foundations to maximise the benefits for all parties and avoid win-lose (or lose-lose) outcomes? You’ll learn about these foundations and the 7 supporting actions that underpin them.

What’s the difference between social enterprise, collective impact, shared value, impact investments, social impact bonds, ESG and more?

31st October, 12.30pm, AEDT

These terms are being used across a broad spectrum of events and activities – but where did they eventuate, what do they mean, and what are the overlaps? And what is audience for each?

In this webinar we will share our experiences and knowledge of each practice, and give you the opportunity to contribute your ideas and knowledge of when to use each idea to greatest impact.

We hope you can join us, and also note that we’re running full day workshops hosted by IAG in three locations in November. Here’s the flyer:

Contact me if you have any questions – Phil Preston




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