Why Do Some Owners Lack Vision for Improving Their Bottom Line?

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I was contacted by “Mark” recently who was somewhat desperate to improve collaboration across the business he works in. As we talked it through, it became clear the owners lack the vision and mindset needed to support the change he seeks.

Without it, people are competing internally, not working together. Individuals might think they are doing their job well and others aren’t pulling their weight. Or worse, they might be deliberately undermining the success of others.

Whilst a business or organisation may still be able to limp along and perform okay under these circumstances, fast forward a year or two and they’ll  find they’ve drifted and headed into seriously poor performance.

It usually comes with hysterical cries that and excuses from business owners and executives that are designed to deflect attention from their own shortcomings like, “How can we be expected to compete with XYZ Ltd?”, or “Our people haven’t kept up and we’re paying for it”.

Mark’s a departmental manager and doing his best and managing upwards, where he needs business owner support for change through leadership, messaging and consistency. Unless we can make that connection and get buy-in, he knows progress will be limited. Unfortunately I don’t see Mark hanging around for long.

Building a culture of collaboration starts at the top. Firstly with awareness or openness to the opportunity and secondly in committing to exploring it further.

Phil Preston is a speaker and facilitator who creates collaborative teams, leaders and organisations. You can stay in touch by following him on Linked In or contacting him directly.

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  • Mark Wearne

    Hi Phil, I loved this article and I can not disagree with any of the conclusions made. It makes perfect sense to me and yes, I feel my days are numbered.

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