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When it comes to companies and not-for-profits forming partnerships, do the simplest things ever seem like really hard work, and you’re left wondering whether there’s ways to make it easier? That’s exactly what we’ll be helping you with if you’re able to join us for an upcoming workshop.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how business and consumer trends are driving profit and purpose closer together, and benefiting from these intersections requires new conversations and ways of exploring partnerships.

  • What are the practical steps you can take to increase the flow of ideas between you and your potential partners?
  • How can you build the trust needed to maximise opportunities?
  • What tips, tools and techniques will make your life easier and maximise your success?
  • And what role could or should government play in that process?

Andrew Hamilton and I are pleased to announce our full day workshops hosted by IAG coming up in November, where we’ll look at:

  • Drivers of this trend
  • Opportunities it creates for you
  • The mindset shifts needed for partnership success
  • Case studies and examples
  • Mapping and development tools
  • The trust building process
  • A criteria for evaluating ideas; and
  • Measurement systems

Our workshops are suited to managers, leaders and executives from all sectors and there will be ample time allocated to unpacking your challenges and forming strategies to overcome them. You may even want to attend with a current or potential partner and take this journey together. Plus it’s a great format for connecting with like-minded people working on similar types of challenges and hearing their perspectives.

They will run on November 11, 12 and 14 in Sydney, Melbourne and then Brisbane respectively and hosted at IAG’s offices.

Investment is $500 + GST per person. Click on the thumbnail below or here for more detail and registration link. We hope to see you there.

Contact me if you have any questions – Phil Preston


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