About Phil

After a successful career leading high performance teams in the investment industry, Phil pursued his passion for helping people and organisations work together effectively so they can respond positively to powerful trends and change. He is a leading expert in connecting profit with purpose, the title of his upcoming book, and the author of an e-book on creating successful teams.

Phil builds the mindset, skills and strategies that people need to achieve exceptional results through working collaboratively, focusing on practical tools and techniques rather than idealistic or theoretical approaches.

Phil’s clients range from blue chip corporations through to government departments and non-profit organisations and he’s worked on big stages, in boardrooms, basketball courts and the back of Bourke (literally).

As a speaker, he distills years of experience into actionable learning, making use of storytelling, audience interaction and a splash of dry humour for a journey of insight and inspiration. Highlights include keynoting at corporate strategy days, leadership conferences and driving projects that tackle youth employment challenges.

In 2013, Phil was invited by Harvard Business School’s Professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer to Boston to help form a network of global ‘shared value’ practitioners. Their role is to help corporations use the profit motive to tackle social and environmental challenges. He has become a leading practitioner and case study author in this field.

Outside of work he is enthusiastic about coffee, chocolate and trail running!

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